Inspiration: 4th July Independence Day

It is a time for celebration for our American friends – and while they adore our traditional Britishness – I know there are many of us who love the colours and excitement of the Independence Day celebrations.

So whether you are part American or simply can’t get enough – here is some wedding inspiration to help you plan a perfect 4th July inspired celebration.

4th July red, white, and blue square tierd cake

Go bold with a 3 colour, 3 tier wedding cake with coloured stars to top it off! Finish with a patriotic ribbon

Afterglow Photos - 2009 Weddings

Gorgeous outdoor wedding inspiration by Afterglow – crisp white chairs and a subtle nod to all things 4th July with alternating chair sashes in deep red and bold blue

American theme dessert candy bar

Take it rustic with a flag back drop and USA inspired treats on an outdoor dessert and treat table – add gorgeous flowers in reds, blues and white to keep it pretty as well as patriotic

No Independence day is complete without a good ol’ fashion BBQ burger – image by

cake pops

Want to include the flag but your sweet tooth is taking control of the budget – ta-dah cake pops decorated in the flag colours

cocktail hour tables

Keeping it classic at cocktail hour, we love the deep blue table cloths, the pretty centre pieces and the nod to great literature and adding a pop of red with the books


Shoes – in red white and blue – pick your colour to add a pop to your own dress or vary them among your bridesmaids

fairy lights and streamers

Outdoors? Pretty coloured streamers and fairy lights are the perfect combination of American sparkle and subtle decor

fourth-of-july-wedding- BRIDAL GUIDE COLOURS FOR bridal party

Nevermind including the flag – be the flag – rock the colours as suggested by the Bride Guide in your bridal party

jazzed up red cocktails

Summer time calls for cooling cocktails – so why not go red with cute blue and white straws

mason jar centrepiece

Mason jars – is there nothing you can’t use them for – get crafty with the paints and rock the red white and blue – ideal with simple gypsophila or white roses

mason jars

Point proven – option 2 for your jars – this time a bit more crafty but oh so pretty at night

NAKED cake

Not one for icing, nor for gaudy colours – go naked – white cream and gorgeous red and blue berries on this too tasty naked cake

Outdoor table centrepieces

Not a fan of crafts – would rather not get paint everywhere with those mason jars – food dye and clear vases – though only on the day – do it before and you’ll end up with blue flowers…

photobooth accessories

Flags, bunting, windmills and more – the perfect Independence day photobooth set up

simple outdoor decor 4th july

Simple yet oh so effective – add a pop to a white balcony space with red and blue paper chains – hours of fun and really cheap too




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