To make the boys (or girls) wink…

You may have guessed I am a fan of pink – even where the occasion calls for it that beautifully bright Barbie pink. But today is all about the dusky pink – and how it is simply a perfect idea for your wedding colour scheme.


Dusky pink is a beautiful colour and works so well with many other colours – but we do love dusky pink and mocha – here are some flower choices that would work wonderfully in a gorgeous bouquet

Here is a selection of flowers that work perfectly on this colour scheme – dusky pink with a hint of mocha


It is no longer just about the centre pieces – it is the whole table  – and we have some amazing ideas we found on pinterest (from Indian Wedding Inspiration and Toronto weddings, and Xero Photography).

With a stunning dusky pink base – add gold, add sparkle, add mocha, and crystal….


There are so many ways to decorate a wedding cake – especially for the super skilled cake ladies and gents of our region – here are some of our favourite details…



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