London Bridal Fashion Week 2016

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I now pronounce you …. an ASOS Bride

ASOS Starting to sell online bridal wear wedding giwns from March 2016

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Fashion Friday: Rainbow Bridesmaids

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Pick and Mix – bridesmaids not sweets

This has always been an issue  – whether easily resolved or not – choosing the bridesmaid dresses can be a bit of a headache! Especially with so many options to choose from – how do you even start deciding.

First thing is first – who will be a bridesmaid and secondly what kind of dressing are you looking at.

So picking your bridesmaids – if it is a mix of friends and family – have a think about their ages, tastes, styles, sizes and what they feel comfortable in. Write these down so you know – even ask them to summarise their personal style in 3 words and make note of what they love wearing

Next your theme – you may want everyone’s dresses the same – in that case off you go! Look at the dresses you like and the bridesmaids options – you will not please everyone but if you consider their tastes and sizes it can save you a lot of headaches in the pre-wedding days!If you are considering a mix – check out our tips below!

A mix and match style is the perfect solution to giving your bridesmaids the perfect dress for them and for you! This can be a budget friendly option where you can have a bit of fun on the high street – making a real girls day of it! It is also a way to get something on trend that they can wear again and give a modern twist to your wedding.

There are two options:

1. Same style different colour

Once you know your style mixing the colours up is a fantastic way to introduce a splash of colour to your big day. You can choose colours to compliment your bridesmaid’s tastes while keeping your style throughout. Whether it is a rainbow of colour, brights or tonal, a mix of pretty pastels or bold contrasting shades you can have a lot of fun here!

2. Same colour different style

Pick your colour (or even range of colours) and mix it up. If one bridesmaid is pushing 6 foot and another 5 foot 2, giving them a choice of styles allow them to compliment their features.

You can vary the styles – halter, strappy, strapless, high neck, the length – long, short, tea length, the material – satin, lace, silk or a mixture – whatever works for you.

Concerned about the guests?

While the mix and match is great – there is a fear and a risk of guests wearing the same outfit – here’s a few tips

  • Pick a long style – a long dress is a less likely choice for a guest
  • Share your scheme – let people know – most bridesmaid’s outfits are chosen months before the guests – so even if the exact dress is a no no – share the style or a vague idea
  • Accessorise – a great way to tie in – a shawl, corsage, jewellery, headpiece – it would be HIGHLY unlikely that the dress and the accessories are the same!
  • Try white or tonal around white – guests usually steer clear of white for a wedding day – so go Kate Middleton and get the bridesmaids in white – vary the styles in white or go off white with the same gown!