Do you even lift?

A little late this month (editors fault not Claire’s) but DEFINITELY worth a read if you ladies are wanting to look toned and strong – skinny is NEVER a good look but I know many a bride who fears the free weights section…..

Most women go wrong the moment they set foot in the gym. They think that heavy weightlifting will turn them into Arnold Schwarzenegger . Wrong!!!!

Do you head straight to the treadmill to pound away at a constant pace for 40 minutes or so? Then, do you lift  a few rounds of lightweights? Finally, do you head to the mat to do a million sit ups?

Like most women you probably answered yes here. I understand, im a woman, I once thought this was the way to the perfect body. Sadly this failed miserably and I ended up 3 stone overweight!!

Its time time to change your ways! The type of training above above illustrates most women’s workout programs. They don’t want to get big and “bulky,” so they stick with  exercises they think burn the most calories and “tone” their muscles

If you’re reaching for a 1-2kg dumbell, it better be your warm-up.

Lift, Ladies!

This training regime may burn a few hundred calories during the cardio workout, and possibly a hundred more in the weights bit, but they won’t reshape how your bodies look. A complete body transformation cannot take place when you’re following the same old tired,dated training plan.

If you want that complete body transformation, you need to take action and start lifting heavy weights. You want to look good in that strapless pretty wedding dress, right?!?!?!

“But won’t I get bulky Claire?!?!

No! Heres some science stuff to explain.

Females dont have the testosterone levels to build mass.

Men have higher testosterone levels than women; women have higher estrogen levels than men. Compare testosterone levels in a man to the amount in a woman and you find a large gap. Why? Simply put, women don’t have testicles. The lion’s share of male testosterone comes from the testes.

Women do produce the hormone, but it comes from your ovaries and adrenal glands in smaller doses.

Testosterone is the primary muscle-building hormone in the body. Since women have significantly less of this hormone they cannot put on muscle mass as easily as men.

Stop worrying and start lifting, you will thank me later.

If you’re worried about bulking up, remember you don’t have enough testosterone.

Now that we’ve established that you’re not going to gain mass,  lets discuss some of the benefits of weight training.

Heavier weight offers women a higher metabolic rate. Since you work against a high degree of resistance with heavy weights, you create tiny muscular tears throughout the body. You will expend a greater number of calories post-workout to repair those tiny tears, thus increasing your overall calorie requirements.

Doesn’t a high metabolism sound like something that might help you achieve that goal?

If you’re looking to get lean, lifting weights expends considerably more calories than cardio.

The next benefit to lifting heavier weights is that you’ll see greater overall muscle definition. When you lift such a light weight as most women do, the muscles are barely worked.

Push yourself harder and take the weight up to the next level – that’s when you see muscle definition . Provided you also follow the correct for fat loss, heavy weights will create the greatest change to how your body looks.

So dont fear the squat rack any longer. Dont waste your time on the pink weights. Get lifting girls!

See you next month!

Claire Aberdeen

Some top tips there ladies, if anyone wants to share their thoughts or give this programme a try – get in touch with Claire!

Legs and Butts – time to get physical!

Last month it was all about the upper body – this time its legs and butt time. Claire is sharing some more easy to follow (and fit in) exercises to get you toned for your big day

How to Get Your Legs and Butt in Shape

Do you want to get your legs and butt into shape so you can rock that bikini on your honeymoon? Though working  your legs and butt is no easy task, you’ll be able to do it once you master a few key exercises. If you want to be able to rock that without worrying about how you look from behind, just follow these steps.

  • Run up a flight of stairs, then walk down. Take 10 trips to the top. That will lift your butt and tone your thighs
  • Do straight-leg dead lifts. You will need weights or a barbell. Stand with a weight in each hand. Bend at the waist until upper body is parallel to floor; let weights travel down thighs. Reverse the movement, including the weightsback up thighs as you clench your thigh muscles. See if you can manage 3 lots of 10 as heavy as you can lift.
  •  Wall squats. Stand with back, shoulders, and butt pressed against a wall. Keep feet hip-width apart. Slide down until thighs are parallel to floor.  Can you hold these for 30 seconds, 3 times??


Good luck! Why not pop along to my facebook page and let me know how you got on!

See you next time.

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Backs, boobs and bingo wings…the blushing brides archnemesis!!

Well ladies, we have the AMAZING Claire Aberdeen from Newcastle Fitness Solutions on our blog today dealing with that bridal archnemesis – the 3 B’s – backs, boobs, and bingowings!

Whether you have long sleeves, cap sleeves or no sleeves its inevitable on your wedding day, your upper body is going to be on display.

You might want to think about adding the following exercises into your training regime!


Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls

If you’re wearing a strapless gown, you definitely want your groom (and guests) to ogle your toned, sculpted arms. Your biceps are made up of three main muscles: the brachii, brachialis and brachioradialis. These muscles are responsible for the movement of your arm at the elbow as well as rotating the palm, so any bicep exercises you do should incorporate a palm rotation. You can use dumbbells for this move if you want, but anything with weight will do. Try grabbing a couple of bottled waters to use, and then drink them when you’re done with your workout! Aim for three sets of 12 reps per day.

To start, take your weights in each hand. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with your arms at your side, palms facing inward. Lift your weights up to your shoulders and back down again, while rotating your palms to face the front of your body. Make sure that your back is straight and that you keep your elbows close to your sides. This counts as one rep. Follow with 11 more reps, then repeat the set two more times.


Tricep Dips

Tricep Dips

With your back to the crowd for most of your ceremony, you want everyone to notice your nicely sculpted triceps. Tricep dips are the

easiest way to tone those arm muscles and you don’t even need any equipment to do them. That makes this exercise ideal if you’re an on-the-go bride. So, grab a chair or the side of your couch and get to work!

Start in a sitting position with your hands shoulder-width apart on a sturdy chair or bench, fingers pointing forward. Keep your arms mostly straight, with a little bend in them to keep the tension off of your elbows. Bend your elbows and lower your body until your elbows form a 90-degree angle with the floor. Then, push yourself back up to your starting position. This counts as one rep. Aim for three sets of 15 reps.


Shoulder Press


Shoulder Presses

If your dress is strapless, you’ll want your shoulders to look strong and beautiful — especially if you’re planning to wear your hair up. Shoulder presses not only work your trapezius and deltoid shoulder muscles, but they also help strengthen your upper back muscles (the rhomboids), which makes this exercise even more appealing! Again, for this exercise, you can use dumbbells or anything with weight.

Start in a standing position with feel shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. Hold your weights at shoulder height with palms facing inward. Push both weights up above your head, extending your arms fully. Slowly bring your weights back to the starting position at your shoulders. This counts as one rep. Repeat 14 more times to complete one set. Try to do three sets.

  • Pushups
  • Push Ups

Push-ups may seem like an old-fashioned way to exercise your arm muscles, but there’s a reason why they’re the standard arm workout! They also work many other muscles in your body, including your abs, chest and shoulders. The great thing about push-ups is that you can do them no matter what fitness level you’re at — just modify the move to make it easier or more difficult based on your preference and strength level.

For the standard push-up, start out facedown with your hands on the floor a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Place your toes on the floor and create a diagonal incline with your body. Lower and raise your body by bending your arms at the elbow, but make sure to keep your glutes engaged and your body straight. Depending on your strength level, do three sets of 10-15 pushups. To modify them, start out on your knees instead of your toes.

Join me next time for a leg and butt toning workout!!


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The upcoming Brides Survival Guide to Fitness

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But no honeymoon is complete without a bit of a lounge on the beach, and no wedding is perfect without you feeling your best. Here at Tyne the Knot, we know it is important to look good on your big day but you must also FEEL good! So welcome Claire Aberdeen from Newcastle Fitness Solutions – health and fitness professional who will be providing monthly tips to get you looking and feeling great!


Heres our top 8 tips on how to survive a fitness regime in the build up to your big day………


Be Realistic

What’s a healthy weight loss? About one to two pounds per week, is achievable. “Not every bride must be a size 8 on her wedding day,”  ”You need to realistically evaluate what your ideal weight should be.”


Set a Deadline

With a healthy level of weight loss, all it takes is a bit ofl maths to figure out how much time you’ll need to do it. Need to lose 30 pounds? Get the lead out at least six months before your wedding. For 15, you’ll need three months, and so on. But you also need to give yourself some breathing space (no pun intended here) “We can all lose focus at times and might have a bad few days — or weeks,” . “Also, once you lose the weight, you want to have time to really tone up and sculpt your physique to look absolutely fabulous in that dress!” So set a firm deadline, just don’t make it for the actual day of the wedding!!


Know What it Takes

Three to four 30-minute sessions of cardio per week and the same amount of strength training, though the amount should vary depending on your goals. Check out our online training program which gives you access to a personal trainer, our online weightloss videos along with a 7 day diet plan with over 350 recipes in our database. You can also track your weightloss and measurements on a weekly basis to keep you motivated. Watch this video for an idea on how it works.


Up the Ante

To stick with the program, we recommend increasing the intensity of your cardio and strength-training programs every week. “Brides should not be afraid of increasing the weight load. This is required to challenge your body and take it past a plateau,” . “And no, increased strength training does not necessarily equal a masculine physique.”



Track Your Progress

Keep track by recording your goals in our online tracking software — having access to this is a fantastic motivator. The key, is to keep them small and specific.

As you reach each goal, record it — you’ll find it’s not so tough to build on your successes.


Change Your Mindset

Instead of looking at your fitness goals as chores, you should try to see your time training as an oasis of sanity. After all, , “With all the chaos around you planning a wedding, it is comforting to know that you have control over how your body will look in your wedding gown and on the honeymoon.” Focus on what you’re doing, turn off your cell phone, and forget about your list of to-dos.


Maintain a Positive Perspective

Will you ever have better fitness motivation than your wedding day? Maybe, but we’re not sure when. “Take advantage of this rare window of opportunity to be super-motivated,” , “there may never be another time like this in your life. It’s not about discipline, it’s desire! Get real — when is your desire going to be more intense than the months leading up to your wedding day?”


Stay Well-rounded

The key to your success: Putting it all together, with proper diet and exercise. “You can lose weight through diet alone, but it is exceedingly difficult to lose body fat by leaving your diet the same and trying to exercise it off,”  ”Most brides want to focus solely on their upper body because of their wedding gowns, but you want to work on your entire body for symmetry and balance. Remember ladies, the dress eventually comes off…oohh la la!!

Claire Aberdeen

Newcastle Fitness Solution