The “How to guide” for wedding day tweed

Tweed 3 piece and pattern bow tie by Just Perfect Durham for

Wedding season for ourselves has really kicked in and we have been really busy with new customers picking suits for their upcoming weddings. We are noticing that trends are changing from last year and we are being asked a lot … Continue reading

The Right Suit for the Right Person

Logo image Just PerfectWelcome to Simon, our resident groomswear expert! Bringing you some super tips and a sneaky peak at an amazing new product – watch this space!

I read this tweet a few days ago:

@anthony_formal: Grooms it’s your day choose an outfit that reflects yourself, you don’t have to look like a groom on a blog. #wedding #groom #suit

My instant reaction was “Oi!!! I write a blog”.

But the tweet is correct. We never lose sight of the fact that when you visit us we understand that it is YOUR wedding day and no one else’s. So, we discuss what YOU want to wear, then we will help you. I will never tell one of my grooms what to wear. I don’t believe that I have the authority to do so. Grooms, if you want to go for modern Italian styled lounge suit or traditional morning wear than that is fine. But, and I understand that this may come across as contradictory, I am a firm believer that what you do choose should reflect the bridal gown style, the venue, the location, the theme of the wedding. But within all of them parameters you can still decide on the right outfit. This is why I use the Masterhand range of suits. Should a groom want to wear a classic wedding suit but likes the slim fit style then the slate grey tailcoat is a perfect choice.

Tailcoat - Just Perfect If a groom doesn’t want to wear a “normal” suit or a tailcoat then the Corvin style is perfect ( it is affectionately called the Compromise jacket in store) Corvin Just Perfect Or if they do want a high end slim fit lounge suit then Masterhand offer a wide selection of colours and fabrics to give “the right suit for the right person” Secondly I would like to introduce Kieron from Wardrobe Wingman.


He has been working on his Colourbud project and had recently secured the necessary funding through Kickstarter to get this product launch off the ground. We will be a stockist of Colourbuds and we wish Kieron every success in his venture. Check out his page at We love these finishing touches and they will be available at Just Perfect soon.

The colour of 2014

Over the years we have seen many colours come in and out of Groomswear fashion. Who remembers the gold brocade frock coats wore by a certain Mr P Gascoigne at his wedding? Or the cream Price Edward that had a … Continue reading

Here comes… the groom

Logo image Just Perfect

Sometimes it can seem like the entire wedding day revolves around just the bride and her dress. And while this is of course MASSIVELY important – the groom needs to look pretty top dollar too! And while I can talk (and talk and talk) about wedding gowns – and I know what I like to look at when it comes to a gorgeous groom (oooh cheeky) it’s best to get the experts in when giving advice on the choosing and the styling of the groom. So we have the wonderful Simon from Just Perfect providing us with a monthly blog on all things menswear!

Well, I’ve been asked to write a blog! So what are my credentials? I’ve been the owner of Just Perfect since Nov 2006. In Nov 2011 we opened our dedicated menswear store. And since then we have fitted out suits for grooms and groomsmen at over 200 weddings. As well as over 100 prom suits.

We are the official club suit supplier to Darlington FC and when Spennymoor Town FC reached the FA Vase final at Wembley this year the team all wore suits by ourselves. So, over the coming months I will be providing tips and hints to make your suit as best as it can be. Styles, designs and fabrics that will grace any wedding. The must have accessories to get that perfect finishing touch. And!! We will run various promotions and offers throughout these blogs.

So my first pieces of advice for any groom to be would be :

1. Look like you are getting married:


Don’t fall into the trap of some grooms that want to wear a “normal suit” you don’t want your guests to outshine you in the sartorial stakes.

Whether its a tailcoat, prince edward or a short, lounge suit always wear a waistcoat. Preferably something more elaborate than the groomsmen, but complementary. Or go for the classic matching 3 piece look.

2. Get a spare shirt:


You want to look your absolute best for the daytime and evening guests. Changing your shirt and freshening up between reception and evening function works wonders. You want to greet your guests with a clean crisp shirt, not one with a conspicuous red wine mark on the cuff!

Well Tailored suit

Well, that’s all for this month. We will be back soon.

Thanks Simon – want to keep up to date with the goings on at Just Perfect – then follow them on twitter – @JustPerfectLtd and join them on Facebook – Just Perfect Ltd. And just remember gents….



Planning tips… for Grooms

I’ve noticed more and more grooms are taking an interest in planning the big day – not just the suits but getting involved in other decisions too. However there are some key tasks that ALL grooms should note down.

Keeping organised

Yes you will need some form of diary – paper or electronic and a “to do list” – these are essential to make sure that all the things you need to do get done, on time – if you are taking responsibility for paying for something – don’t miss it and lose the booking!

So get listing key dates such as the big day itself, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, banns readings, honeymoon dates and payments, booking and full payment deadlines, plus fittings and collection dates (and return dates if necessary).

The Groom and his men!

Picking your best man may be easy or it may be difficult, but it needs to be done soon! Make sure you are clear what you want from them as your best man, what their jobs are (speech and stag night among other things), any restrictions or things to take note – strip club? Paintballing the day before? Also pick your ushers if you are having them.

Keep them up to date on fittings and ask them to help you out if you are panicking – a friend who has been through this can be a great help!

What to wear?

Yes the bride’s gown is probably the main thing (if not the only thing) people will focus on clothes wise – that doesn’t mean you don’t make sure you look amazing too. Don’t rush into a decision – first shop you visit may well have the right outfit but at least look around. Use magazines for inspiration or speak to a professional – if the formal wear store knows it’s stuff this will not be a problem – if in doubt get a second opinion – you can always go back!

You can go back because you will have the time – you will be looking for suits several months out – if you are buying tailoring takes time and even if you hire – alterations may need to be made – make sure you account for this!

Get measured – accurately!!! Don’t guess and don’t ask a mate – bulges do not make for pretty pictures, are not welcome when greeting Aunt Doris and most certainly will not be comfortable 6 hours in!

Grooming the groom

Factor in some grooming time – whether you are a facial and manicure guy or not, the very least you will need to get your hair cut and have a shave. There’s some great men’s grooming shops you can visit – a professional close shave and hair cut will make the world of difference – not just to your morning preparations but for photos too!

Honeymoon time!

Gone are the days where this (and the payment) was the responsibility of the groom alone. BUT you should still have a great deal on input and be on top of all the details – what can you add to make it a bit more special – champagne on arrival – your travel agent should be able to help you with this and a good travel agent will know exactly how to make sure it is a holiday you will never forget!

With this ring…

Order early, keep note of delivery and make sure you check they fit so you can organise any re-sizing with plenty of time! Also ensure payment is made on time – it’s a pretty big mistake if you don’t have the ring!

Make sure you know where it is, who has it, and that they know what they are meant to do with it (and when)!

On behalf of my wife and I…

The speech – possibly the most nerve wracking thing to do, most grooms really do not look forward to this part – not helped by the elaborate celebrity groom speeches that have done the rounds!

The most important thing is that it is from the heart and you don’t forget anything – complimenting your bride and your thank yous are top of the list. Write it down – don’t rely on your memory – there is absolutely no need!

Write it with plenty of time to spare so you can review and rehearse – get used to saying it out loud and change things that sound awkward. And keep a spare copy somewhere – just in case yours gets misplaced or the bubbly is spilled.

What are your top tips? Share them below!

Most Suitable – helping you and helping others

A little while ago, I bumped into Carl at a wedding fayre and he invited me to come and see his store. So I booked in a date and made my way into town. Obviously not looking for a suit for myself but to see if this is the kind of place I would recommend to clients – wedding or otherwise.

It is sometimes difficult to know straight away if you are going to feel comfortable referring clients to a business. I spend a lot of time trying to drink in every part of the business while I’m there as well as getting to know the owner.

Firstly arranging a meeting was easy – not only are they open 7 days a week but they are open 10am to 10pm – very encouraging sign – not only offering flexibility but personal service at pretty much all times.

Secondly, I am no expert in suits but I can tell some one who knows their business – this company knows their business. Talking me through all the options, the correct cuff length, the best style for different shapes and sizes – no hesitation that you would get just the right suit speaking to these guys.

Most Suitabel offers - June 2012

The reason to pop up this post today – at some networking this morning (at 7am I tell you) Hazel, a representative from Calvert Trust Keilder (The Calvert Trust enables people with disabilities, together with their families and friends, to achieve their potential through the challenge of outdoor adventure in the countryside – please see brought some information on their involvement with local businesses.

Most Suitable are offering a Charitable donation for the Calvert Trust Keilder – simply hire your Tuxedo from Most Suitable, Newcastle and for every suit booked, they will donate £5 to Calvert Trust Keilder.

Great way to get expert advice on your groomswear AND support a very worthy charity.

Contact: Most Suitable 0191 232 32 32, email or make an appointment (63 High Bridge, Newcastle, NE1 6BX).

If your business is interested in supporting Calvert Trust Keilder in the same way – please let me know (

So suit up and help out!