Music to our Ears… Mark Deeks Piano Player Newcastle

Mark Deeks Piano Player Newcastle - image by Karen McGowran

Mark Deeks Piano Player Newcastle – image by Karen McGowran

We all love a bit of music and no wedding is complete without some delightful musical accompaniment – today we are chatting with Mark Deeks – also known an Piano Player Newcastle!

So Mark, how long have you been in entertaining us with your musical talent and why did you start? “I’ve been working 3 years now. I had always done a small amount of freelance work alongside being a full time lecturer, but I decided that I wanted to make my living from music completely.”

If you could narrow it down – what is your USP (unique selling point)?  “I’m flexible! Whatever style of music people want to hear, I can create it on the piano or through arranging songs for choirs. I’ve been known to perform everything from metal to classical with a lot of pop and jazz in between!”

Can you say just one favourite part of your job? “Watching the slightly puzzled look on people’s faces when they try to work out song I’m playing because they’re not used to hearing it on the piano – then the smile of recognition.”

I can imagine! If that gives you a chuckle what is the thing that gives you a “pain in the neck” so to speak? “My piano doesn’t get any lighter…”

Perhaps that should be pain in the back! As you said you are flexible but what is your most popular product or service: “It would be background music for drinks receptions or wedding breakfasts.”

You have dealt with quite a few weddings, from your experience what is your top tip for brides/grooms? “Background MDMLogo_300dpi_revmusic during your meal can really fill out the atmosphere of the room whilst everyone is still settling into the day. And sober!”

Easier said than done I seem to note! Can you narrow it down to your favourite wedding venue? “That’s a hard one! Matfen Hall’s Great Hall is a stunning ceremony room, Doxford Hall have a gorgeous ceremony room for the smaller wedding, The White Swan in Alnwick have an unbelievable team of staff who a pleasure to be part of.

What is/was your favourite wedding fayre: “The fayre at As You Like It is always a pleasure”

A sneaky look into the life of Mark! Can you give us an idea of a typical day at the office? “Working from home most day times whether learning or arranging music, dealing with clients with enquiries or consultations, then most evenings playing for or leading rehearsals, or performing for functions of some kind.”

Now we are all desperate to hear you (and guess that tune!) where can we see you? “I’m the resident pianist at The White Swan, Alnwick and the latest dates are always on the Piano Player Newcastle site. I also have a permanent stand at the Just Perfect Wedding and Events Gallery in Cramlington.”