Your Signature Cocktail

What does your drink say about you? There are many a website dedicated to telling us what your drink says about you – Tatler for example “Anything and Red Bull” seek help! or that all real ale drinkers are smug! … Continue reading

Choices, choices – best picks for wedding evening snacks

Weddings – full of friends, fun, dancing, alcohol, and some serious consideration on the food! The wedding breakfast is usually (relatively) straight forward, with menus to choose from and happy in the knowledge people will be sat down in front … Continue reading

Summer Lovin’

Buffet by catering blogger for wedding blog northeast

Back with us is our fabulous blogger Lorraine of Lolly’s Kitchen – here to share amazing tips on catering for your wedding! Today we are thinking about summer weddings and what options you have for something other than a sit … Continue reading

Love Food

Lolly's Kitchen buffet for

How thrilled are we to add Lorraine Cusson to our team of regular bloggers. Lorraine runs Lolly’s Kitchen and specialises in outside catering. Today is a little introduction into what she does…. Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is … Continue reading