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The Wedding Shop reveals what your guests think (panic) about when deciding on what gifts to give

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Wedding Favours

I hope no one minds a post that is not to promote a business but just something to think about. We all get so excited when we are planning a wedding or renewal or similar party and go through our checklists – venue, photographer, dress, flowers, cake etc.

All the little bits that make the day so special, that reflect you and your partners personalities, likes, and potential plans for the future. Favours are becoming more and more personalised – gone are the days of some sugared-almonds being set down – we have personalised wine glass charms, sample-size toiletries, lottery tickets, with budgets ranging from 50p to £5 or £6 per guest.

There are some fabulous companies out there that create beautiful, personal, and truly delightful gifts both for favours and bridal party gifts – and I am always happy to showcase these!

But I just wanted to do a short post about charities and the various options you have to give a little something back. I know it is your big day and some people believe that this can be a day of pure indulgence. But if you wanted to, there is the option to send a little bit of your wedding spend to a worth cause.

You could make a donation to a charity that provides personalised favour cards so guests can see what you have done – Cancer Research UK  has some great options – personlised wedding cards, or add in pin badges too.

This has led the way for other charities to get involved such as:

  • Alzheimer’s Society
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Lupus UK
  • MacMillan
  • Oxfam
  • RNLI

I have spoken to brides and grooms who perhaps have recently lost a loved one, or their wedding date is near an anniversary and use this as a way to honour them.

I am sure if you have a particular charity close to your heart you could speak to them about making such a donation – and then make personalised name cards for guests with a note on them to say where the donation went.

If you need any help – we can offer this FREE of charge – whether it is just organising it with an established charity programme or co-ordinating with a local charity to create a way to give a gift. Drop me a line – and I can put you in touch with who you need to speak to.

In the next week or so, we will have a great page on our blog of charity favour websites – so please keep an eye out! If you know some charity who would like to send some information in or you gave charity favours yourself – get in touch!



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