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ImPRESSED??? I know I am

Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Tilly Shaw of ImPRESSED Wedding Bouquets, this is an amazing idea and any couple that is looking for a way to keep their important fresh wedding flowers as a memento – needs to have a chat with Tilly, but only after you have read this …

So we welcome Tilly Shaw Saves Bouquets, who’s website is She has been in business 30 years so has some great stories to share

So Tilly, why did you start this business: I lived in London at the time and my friend was getting married. She wanted to save some of her flowers and I offered to press her bouquet for her. That was the first one, she cherishes it and she still has it today.

May seem like a silly question but what is your USP (unique selling point)? Saving THE original flowers from your wedding day

Bouquet - Impressed Wedding Bouquets for

What is your favourite part of your job? Seeing the brides face when I give her the finished frame of her beautifully preserved flowers from the most special day of her life.

What would you say was your least favourite part of your job? People not knowing that I provide this service….the number of women I meet who are so dismayed that they didn’t know about me when they got married and had subsequently thrown away their flowers after they had unfortunately watched them die…so tell your friends…in case you’ve spotted this blog and they didn’t! So share this blog post everyone!!!

As this quite an unusual service, what would you say your most popular product or service is? Pressing bouquets, though I am working on different methods to preserve flowers by drying them to leave them in their natural shape, presented in a box frame, ie not flat

Do you have a particular favourite event to be involved in? I would say a vintage wedding, because the bouquets are usually more interesting…

Lavendar bouquet - Impressed Wedding Bouquets for

As Tilly offers such a unique service, instead of a general top tip, we asked what  she would advise for couples who want to preserve their bouquet – so here are her Six Top Tips: 

  • I need the flowers within 3 days of the wedding.
  • Do not spray the petals
  • Do not put the bouquet in the fridge.
  • Cut an inch off the bottom of the stalks and put them in water
  • Don’t choose ‘juicy’ flowers like orchids if you want your flower pressed, they turn brown
  • Book in your bouquet with Tilly as soon as you can.

You can also get more advice on my website and look at some more amazing pictures!

What was your favourite celebrity wedding and why? Prince William and Kate Middleton, amazing bouquet!!

Do you have a favourite wedding venue: Not so much a particular venue, but I would love a magical palace with an outdoor ceremony

What are you thoughts or ideas on Trends for 2014: Designs for bouquets have changed considerably over the years including colour trends. Vintage Cream roses feature strongly as a dominant bloom with Cadbury purple still a firm favourite colour for contemporary brides. Muted lilacs and soft pink antique roses are favoured by the more traditional bride.  If you consider when choosing your flowers that most will darken as they age in the press, white and cream will yellow, bright scarlet red will deepen to burgundy or crimson, lilac roses will turn to a more lavender shade.

Red Roses - Impressed Wedding Bouquets for

Also I can press the guys buttonhole too.  As a gift for Mum and Mother-in-law, I can preserve their corsage, handbag spray or posy, and bridesmaids flowers can also be framed and preserved as a ‘thank you’ to your friend or sister.

Do you have a favourite inspirational quote/verse? When I saw you, I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew…William Shakespear

Give our readers your wedding must have? Fresh Flowers. Much as I love other styles because they are creative, there is nothing like fragrance and the smell of fresh flowers. I chose freesia for my wedding bouquet and they still remind me today of my wedding day.

This always seems like a silly question in our industry but do you have a typical day at the office?  Mondays are my big busy day.  Following a Saturday wedding, I get frantic groomsmen, anxious sisters, manic Mothers contacting me with the bouquet, usually not really knowing whether I will be able to help them in their plight. The bride has left them holding the bouquet, literally, and gone on her honeymoon!  Recommendations come from all sources, but mostly from the florists who made the bouquet originally.  It takes at least three hours to dismantle a bouquet, petal by petal, so if I receive a call late in the day, it may be Tuesday or Wednesday before they deliver it.

Royal Blue cream roses no frame Impressed Wedding Bouquets
Once the flowers are ready after approximately three months, I choose to work towards the end of the week [Wednesday or Thursday] bringing the whole thing back to life, rebuilding the petals, leaves, beads, ribbons etc.  I can incorporate keepsakes, dress material, beads, lace and even the wedding stationery, invitations etc into the frame….as long as they are relatively flat for pressing into the frame.

So if we need to see more, where can we see you?  My website shows an impression of my work, showcasing bouquets that I have already completed which is  [when I remember to take a photo of them] I also have a selection on Pinterest: in the Tilly Shaw Beady Magpie pins.

Thinking of escaping, where would your dream honeymoon be? As long as it was by the sea, I would be content.

And, guilty pleasure time, what is your favourite wedding related film? My big fat Greek wedding…it reminds me of my sister who now lives in Greece with her husband and two boys, it’s so true to life.

White bouquet - Impressed Wedding Bouquets for

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Spotlight on…Websites for your Wedding

Websites for your wedding logo on Tyne the Knot - wedding planning services Newcastle upon TyneSpotlight on …. Websites for your Wedding

 Technology is changing everything – everyone is contactable 24/7, maps are electronic, music is downloadable and even our interaction with friends is in cyberspace. However, sometimes technology really does give you something a bit different that not only will make your wedding stand out but also to makes things easier!

Andrew and Pete ( are two fantastic website designers that have developed New on to the business scene in February this year, they started with the aim to provide affordable online web design but this took an unexpected, but welcome detour into helping making plan a wedding much easier and less stressful.

If you have been married, had a civil ceremony, blessing or are planning one you will know how difficult it can be to keep on top of everything – paper here there and everywhere – making sure everything is considered – wedding planners are often a great help in sorting this out so both as a blogger and a planner this seems great! Andrew and Pete – they do all the hard work to create the website that will cater to your specific wedding needs to make the planning more straight forward and work load a lot lighter!

A favourite part of their job is seeing the smile and excitement on a client’s face when they see the finished website – simply they love their job! Wedding Websites not only a great for the brides and grooms involved but also they guests too! A link on the world-wide web to whatever you feel your guests need to know – wedding day  schedule, maps, where to stay suggestions! Fantastic!

What can you get?

The best part is there are a huge range of options meaning you can tailor your site to your wedding!

Starting from just £49 for a one page website with RSVP form and venue details you through to a bespoke design to match your wedding theme with itinerary updates, song requests, countdown to the day, food selection – you can even collect honeymoon donations – making it a little safer for guests to donate to your trip of a lifetime.

We know everyone is on Facebook pretty much these days – so integrate this to your wedding website!

Have a look around the site – you can see a working site there and contact either Andrew or Pete for more information!

TOP TIP: A push for the websites (but well deserved) – save money on paper stationary ) save the date, invitations, maps, food lists, hotels and postage) by using their wedding website and RSVP functions!

FAVOURITE CELEBRITY WEDDING: The Royal Wedding, it made us proud to be British


IDEAS ON 2013 TRENDS: “Wedding websites!” utilising technology to organise a wedding is definitely going to be the next big thing to do!

FAVOURITE INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE: “Adversity cause some men to break; others to break records” William A Ward

WEDDING MUST HAVE: a wedding website from of course!



A typical day at the office, (which is down in Sunderland) involves a bit of planning and the essential caffeine top up then to work! There is no typical day as everyone’s needs are different so there are no two jobs the same – it keeps it interesting!

Like what you read! Then have a look at the site or come and have a chat with Andrew and Pete at Regus House, Doxford International business park.

SEE US NEXT! As you like it Wedding Fayre in Jesmond Saturday 13th October

Thanks to Andrew and Pete for providing the information above – please visit their website for more information or contact

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