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Package deal or bum deal?

We are all trying to get the best deal for our wedding budget, but these package deals are they really the best for us? Are they the best thing for what you want? Do they give you what you need? Today Emma from Boutique Floral blogs a little more on this issue…

Package deal or bum deal?

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You may have noticed recently that most things associated with weddings tend to come in a nice neat little package – a venue package deal, a suit hire package deal, a sweet buffet or candy cart package deal…. the list is endless!

This is intriguing, especially when all the brides I talk to want to stand out from the crowd and have a truly unique and personalised day to them. Why then, is there this culture of packages when it comes to organising your wedding?

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Budget could be one of the main factors here – especially when it comes to venues and what they will provide for a set fee. However, more and more florists are also jumping on this ‘package bandwagon’ and so I wanted to explore this in relation to Boutique Floral.

Every single wedding is different. Whether it is the location, number of guests, style, seating, or even if it is a same sex wedding or not, no two weddings ever have the exact same requirements.

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As such how could I as a florist ever offer a handful of packages to fit with every couple I see?

Picture this….

A package deal for flowers offers 1 bridal bouquet, 2 bridesmaid bouquets, 4 buttonholes, 2 corsages, and 5 small table arrangements. The price is very reasonable and so you decide to book. Nearer the date of the wedding you realise that there will be an extra groomsman and only 1 bridesmaid. How do you get your money back for the bridesmaid bouquet and will you have to pay for an additional buttonhole?

Not only that but your venue have now also gone into liquidation and your reception room is much taller and demands taller table centrepieces so as to not look out of place or mismatched in your photos that you are also spending a large amount of money on. Is this included in the package deal you paid?

Unfortunately committing to a package deal often means that there is very little compromise if you need any changes. Also have you ever questioned why these package deals are so affordable in the first place?

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If we florists buy lots of the same materials in bulk then we get a discount. We can then pass on this discount to our clients however it means that our clients are all getting the same thing. You have no say in flower type, or overall style and therefore are getting a mass produced design with nothing personalising that item to you. Does this sound like the sort of thing you would like for your wedding day?

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How could I as a florist ever put my reputation on the line by offering conveyor belt bouquets to each of my lovely couples? As far as I see it flowers tell a story and should therefore be personal to you and your story. If you have a strict budget then tell your florist as any one worth their salt will work with you to achieve a beautiful design that is perfect for you and on budget.

So if you’re considering a package deal for your wedding flowers, maybe ask the supplier exactly what is included, what space there is for alterations, and how they will be bespoke to you and your loved one.

After all, it is your big day and every aspect of it should revolve around you both. As such, Boutique Floral does not offer package deals as I want to learn all about you, your story, and make your designs completely bespoke to you.

Emma Pink - Boutique Floral Tyne the Knot Guest Blogger

Emma Pink – Botique Floral

Love, Emma


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Flowers: Boutique Floral, Northumberland



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